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Phakalane Golf Estate Hotel Resort make use of grey water

South Africa and neighboring countries have recently experienced the worst drought in history. Water has been very scarce with some villages simply without water. This has affected the crop production as well as the livestock survival and many farmers have simply put their farms up for sale.  

Botswana has been badly affected as this is the worst drought they have experienced in 5 years. However in these hard times Phakalane Golf Estate Hotel Resort in Gaborone have looked at solutions and have implemented them.  

The use of grey water is becoming increasingly popular and is a great way to water the grass and plants. Grey water is water from your bathroom sinks, showers, bath tubs, and washing machines.  This water may contain traces of soap, dirt, food, grease and household cleaning products. While greywater may look “dirty”, it is a safe and even a beneficial source of irrigation water.  

Phakalane Golf Estate Hotel Resort is located in a residential estate and they are using grey water to water their golf greens. This not only saves water but makes for a great place for the residents to live and bring in tourism to Botswana for golfing enthusiasts.

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